Welcome to Salute My Sports

Let’s start by defining what “sports” means. For the sake of this website, let’s pretend that sports means anything that is entertaining or enjoyable, direct competition and athletic equipment not required.1Although, you could argue that everything can be competitive. With this definition, it allows me to talk about a wide variety of topics. Of course I’ll be talking about actual sports, but I’ll also talk about movies, TV shows, and food (to name a few).

I’ll do this by asking questions that I’ve always wanted answered. Questions like, what’s the best food to eat at a sporting event? Which Mighty Duck was the best hockey player? Is Pitch Perfect a sports movie? Only the most important questions.

The goal is to bring comedy and sports together. I’ll give you the irrational confidence you need to tell your coworker why they’re wrong about…sports. Impress your significant other with your knowledge about…sports. And argue with your family about, you guessed it…everything.

I’ll post stories based on current events and whatever else interests me through this website and newsletter. In the future, I hope to produce podcasts, videos, and merch.

I won’t always be the first to break a story, but I will be the last. It’s the same old sports talk you’re familiar with, but different.

Thank you for your support and join me as I salute my sports.