Which Toy Story characters would make the best basketball team?

Earlier this week an artist, @the_wright_artist,1His name is Malachi Wright and he’s super talented. Support him. made the incredible piece of art you see above.2The piece of art you didn’t know you needed until now. It was a recreation of an iconic photo of LeBron and DWade, using Toy Story characters instead. Here’s the LeBron/DWade photo, in case you need a reminder.

I didn’t know the Toy Story characters could ball. I knew they were capable of flying,3Or falling with style. driving pizza delivery trucks, and breaking out of a daycare prison, but not playing basketball.

Now that these hidden talents have been exposed, which characters would make the best basketball team? That depends on the attributes you value in building a team. In the NBA, speed, chemistry, versatility, and 3-point shooting have become essential to creating a successful team. If we want this team to compete in the NBA, we’ll have to make sure our players embody these skills as best we can.


Buzz Lightyear

Based on the artwork, Buzz is standing in for LeBron James. If we are to take this representation literally, Buzz is LeBron James. You have to take LeBron. He’s the second best basketball player of all-time,4MJ forever. so Buzz is an obvious choice. He’s a natural born leader with a mission to defeat all enemies that threaten him and anyone he cares about. He’s got out of this world talent and he can really fly. He can take the team to infinity and beyond.5You knew this was coming, it had to be done.

Slinky Dog

We know Slink is loyal. When Woody tossed the Christmas lights across to Andy’s house in an attempt to escape Sid’s house, Slink showed a willingness to help a friend in need.6It also showed he had some great hands, which is helpful when playing basketball. His loyalty was clear again when he sacrificed his body to try and rescue Woody, Buzz, and RC to get them into the moving van. Slink has a ton of length and flexibility, which makes him a versatile asset on the team. He’ll really stretch the defense.


Another great team player. He’s able to put the team on his back and carry them wherever they need to go. Based on his name, he’s got to be an excellent shot, or he’s lying to us. And his speed? It’s been a topic of discussion for years now, but if you tell him to ride like the wind, he’s capable of catching up to an airplane that’s about to take off. That’s the kind of speed we need. We can ride Bullseye to victory.


A player full of enthusiasm, usually expressed through yodeling or a loud yee-haw. She’s got great chemistry with Bullseye and Buzz, which is perfect for the team. She’s a great dancer, so her footwork is excellent. But her defense is where her true value lies. She has the ability to wrangle and tie up any opponent.


He’s money from anywhere on the court. He’s got the size to body up bigger players and he can handle change like no one else. When the going gets tough, he’ll bring home the bacon.7I understand what this ultimately means, but it really shows his dedication to the team and the goal.



Specifically, basketball player Barbie, because she’s the only actual basketball player.


His court vision and accuracy are next level.


Speed that’s capable of keeping pace with traffic on side roads, with an ability to trigger a turbo boost when needed.

Now that’s a lineup capable of challenging any NBA team. You thought the Warriors were unbeatable? Let’s see them go up against The Davis Five.8I was today years old when I found out Andy’s last name is Davis. I think I just wrote the next Space Jam script. That or Toy Story 5.