What’s the best Disney or Pixar movie?

With March Madness canceled, I’m having bracket withdrawal. Normally, I would’ve spent the last 2 days filling out a minimum of 5 brackets for March Madness. Luckily, a podcast I listen to, Lights Camera Barstool, made a bracket for the best Disney/Pixar movies. Here’s what the bracket looks like:

As you can see, it doesn’t include every Disney/Pixar movie, but it contains all the best ones. I’m also not sure how the seeds were determined, so we will just roll with what’s here, even if I don’t agree with all of the seedings. Hey, that’s just like the real NCAA tournament!

I also haven’t seen every movie in this bracket (or it’s been a VERY long time since I have). Here’s how I will fill out this bracket. There are going to be matchups where I haven’t seen one of the movies. In that case, I will default to the movie I’ve actually seen. Except in the Mulan matchup against Cars. I have seen Cars, but I haven’t seen Mulan.1I know I need to see this, it’s totally my fault. I didn’t like Cars that much, and I’ve heard Mulan is great, so I picked Mulan to beat Cars. The other important thing to point out, I’m biased towards Pixar movies. I just love them so much, which will lead to more of them going further than some classic Disney movies.

Like the real NCAA tournament, I’m going to make some picks that you disagree with. That’s okay.2You’re wrong, but that’s okay. If movies had different seedings or ended up in different regions, this tournament would look very different. That’s how it goes sometimes. In that way, it will feel very similar to the real March Madness. This is the closest we are going to get to that feeling this year.

I’m not going to go through each pick in each round. I will pick certain matchups and talk about my reasoning or how difficult a choice it was. I’ll spend more time talking about my final four though.

Let’s take a look at this by region. I’ll start with the Splash Mountain Region.

Splash Mountain Region

Toy Story is a strong #1 seed, representing this region. It has a pretty easy road to the Elite 8. In the bottom half of this region though, a Cinderella emerges. Which is ironic because this is the region with the actual Cinderella who got upset in the first round by DuckTalesCoco, the #10 seed, is that mid-major team that’s been tested all season against strong competition and is now ready for the tourney. Think Davidson and Steph Curry in the 2008 NCAA tournamentCoco takes out the classic blue chip movie, Beauty and the Beast in the second round and keeps the momentum going all the way to the Elite 8. Ultimately, Coco‘s run comes to an end and Toy Story advances out of this region to make it to the Final Four.

Splash Mountain Region Winner: #1 Toy Story

Matterhorn Region

This is the region of death. A lot of solid teams here with one of the weaker #1 seeds in Toy Story 3. Sure, Toy Story 3 is a really good movie, but probably more of a #2 or #3 seed. Instead, they got put in the same region as a movie that probably should’ve been a #1 seed, Aladdin, which ended up getting the #2 seed. There were some tough matchups in this region. Tangled is a really solid #8 seed. However, this time around, Toy Story 3 was able to advance in a close game that came down to the final possession. Ratatouille is an underrated conference champion that’s really rolling right now. They’re able to take out Toy Story 3 in the Sweet 16 and advance to the Elite 8. 

Aladdin has the toughest road though. They have to face a very strong #7 seed, Frozen, in which Aladdin is able to come out on top in an overtime victory. Any other region, Frozen might’ve been able to make Cinderella run and probably got screwed with their seeding. That was the hardest one to pick. Aladdin then had to go against WALL-E in the Sweet 16, where they are able to win on a last second shot to make it to the Elite 8 and face Ratatouille. Despite a close game throughout, Aladdin keeps the magic going and pulls away at the end to advance to the Final Four and take down Ratatouille.

Matterhorn Region Winner: #2 Aladdin

Thunder Mountain Region

This is the weakest of all the regions. There are some talented movies, but this is primed for an unexpected winner. I can see most people having either The Incredibles, Mulan, or Up (maybe even Pocahontas) coming out of this region. It might be unpopular, but I’m not as high on The Incredibles as most people are. It’s still a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but there are other movies I like more than it. This makes it one of the weaker #1 seeds. Inside Out, another conference champion that is having a lot of positive momentum heading into the tourney is able to take out The Incredibles in the Sweet 16 after sneaking by Mulan in the second round. Up is able to cruise to the Elite 8 to face Inside Out. The creativity and unique storyline of Inside Out, including how rewatchable it is, eeks out a close victory over the incredibly touching story of Up.

Thunder Mountain Region Winner: #4 Inside Out

Space Mountain Region

Lion King towers over this region as a movie that has been solid for many years. Think of the UCONN women’s basketball team. A well deserved #1 seed with one of the easier paths to the Final Four. There are 2 really solid second round matchups in this bracket. The underrated and often forgotten #5 seed, A Goofy Movie, going against a solid upstart in #4 seed MoanaA Goofy Movie is able to come out victorious in a close matchup to advance to the Sweet 16, before falling to Lion King. The other great second round matchup comes when #10 seed Fox and the Hound goes up against Finding NemoFox and the Hound was one of my favorite movies growing up, but Finding Nemo has become a classic in and of itself and wins this close game. Finding Nemo continues to have a tough run as it faces Monsters, Inc. in the Sweet 16, but again is able to prevail. Only to have to face Lion King in the Elite 8 where the lion is king. 

Space Mountain Region Winner: #1 Lion King

Final Four and Championship

That leaves us with a Final Four of Toy Story against Aladdin and Inside Out versus Lion King. For me, once Lion King and Toy Story were on opposite sides of the bracket, it was always going to be these 2 in the end. They are my 2 favorite Disney movies. Toy Story against Aladdin is a great matchup. Aladdin is an all-timer, with some classic songs and an incredible performance out of Robin Williams. Toy Story was my movie growing up though. It came out at the perfect time for me.

Lion King has an easier matchup against Inside Out. While I really like Inside Out, it’s no match for Lion KingInside Out had a good run and the luck of drawing an easier path. Outside of Toy StoryLion King was one of the movies I had on repeat growing up and still enjoy watching today.

Which brings us to the championship matchup. Toy Story versus Lion King. This is like the 2016 NCAA championship where Villanova faced off against UNC. Toy Story is Villanova and Lion King is UNC. Villanova was a program with a history, but newer to the college basketball scene. It didn’t have the storied history of UNC, which had won multiple championships to Villanova’s one. Toy Story was the first Pixar movie and while it received a lot of recognition when it came out, it was the new kid on the block. Where as Disney had a long history of success, with movies like Lion King. If you play this matchup 10 times, it’s probably an even split down the middle who comes out on top. If you ask me a different day, I might give a different answer. But just like the Villanova/UNC gameToy Story pulls out the victory on a buzzer beater.3Woody dishes the ball off to Buzz to nail the game winner. 

Best Disney/Pixar Movie: Toy Story

Here’s my actual bracket: