About This Site

This is a place to talk about all things sports. When I say “sports,” what I really mean is anything I enjoy and/or find entertaining. This includes actual sports, but also includes movies, TV, pop culture, food, and anything else that interests me.

I’ll answer questions you’ve always wanted answered, some questions you never knew you wanted answered, and probably a lot of questions you could care less if they were ever answered.

The goal is to bring comedy and sports together. I’ll give you the irrational confidence you need to tell your coworker why they’re wrong about…sports. Impress your significant other with your knowledge about…sports. And argue with your family about, you guessed it…everything.

I won’t always be the first to break a story, but I will be the last. It’s the same old sports talk you’re familiar with, but different.

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About Me


I’m a designer by trade and the creator of Salute My Sports. As you could probably guess, I love talking about all things sports and pop culture. I’m a Yankees fan, Cowboys fan, and a Celtics fan. I know my favorite teams are all over the place, but I promise there are reasons behind each of them. My Mount Rushmore of TV shows is The Office, Parks & Rec, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. Comedies, Pixar, and Rom-Coms are my go to movies. Occasionally, I try to put words together to tell stories that are entertaining and make you laugh.