The Newsletter

The Sports and Recreation newsletter is a collection of interesting stories and captivating thoughts related to sports and recreation.1Including, but not limited to, food, movies, TV, pop culture, music, fashion, tech. Essentially, anything. Now I can share a bunch of different stuff that I like in an easy to consume way. I’ll still post longer form articles on Salute My Sports. This newsletter will be my way of talking about things that are happening in the moment and don’t necessarily require a lot of words and footnotes.

The newsletter will be delivered to you every Tuesday morning at 10AM.

Each newsletter will feature one (maybe two) longer posts about something that’s been on my mind. Think of it like a regular article, but shorter. There will still be footnotes.

It will also include segments that will appear pretty regularly. Things like a weekly recap of the stories that were most intriguing to me, movie/TV reviews of what I watched over the week, weekly awards, and more. I’ll do a bunch of other fun stuff like brackets, lists, and whatever else I want to try out. There will be photos, videos, GIFs, and charts. I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

I hope you like it!